19+ 1973 Chevy 350 Starter Wiring Diagram PNG

19+ 1973 Chevy 350 Starter Wiring Diagram PNG. When you say disconnect the yellow, that it ties to a purple/orange resistance wire from the starter and discard.??? Checking windshield wiper switch continuity.

Chevy Wiring Diagrams
Chevy Wiring Diagrams from chevy.oldcarmanualproject.com
Provides circuit diagrams showing the circuit connections. Contents component wiring diagram index. You will be able to download pdf file and save it on your computer.

Compressed archive in zip format 675.8 kb.

The ground points circuit diagram shows the connections from all major parts to the respective ground points. All efi and mpi inboard and ski engines (except 350 magnum mpi gen + tournament ski black scorpion). This is a typical 3 wire gm starter diagram a 2 wire setup is similar just will have the coil wired through the harness not the starter solenoid. The linked images are printable but may print across more than 1 page (in order to be legible).

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