24+ 1969 Chevy Ii Wiring Diagram Ignition Switch Background

24+ 1969 Chevy Ii Wiring Diagram Ignition Switch Background. The wiring diagram has brown and purple together, which mine does not. This typical circuit diagram of the ignition coil, ignition control module, and pickup coil applies to:

Ignition Switch Connections
Ignition Switch Connections from www.mgb-stuff.org.uk
Find solutions to your chevy ignition wiring diagram question. The connector in question has two red wires, two pink wires, a purple wire and an orange wire. I have the following pictured ignition switch and have lost the diagram showing what wires go where.

A 914 that starts with a turn of the key.

This isnt the factory switch so im alittle confused on the locations. Does someone have a diagram or description they can provide? Can you tell me what (which wires) i need to connect, put together to make car start without ignition switch ? I am assuming the ignition switch is.

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